Spartan’s 3 ex pro’s all get KO’S

Spartan’s 3 ex pro’s all get KO’S

At the circus tavern Purfleet on the 9th of september , The team 300 Sparta gym had 3 ex pro’s fight and all showed great boxing Skill. Victor Smith Stop’t Tony Barret.  The fighters had a good first round and both were trying to get the upper hand, At the end of the first round Tony had sustained a bad cut to the head and the ref stop’t the fight, Victor is the reigning IBA World cruiser weight champion and carrys on unbeaten with the IBA.

George Hillyard was another great win for the gym, George was making his debut with IBA, He was in great shape and looked very very sharp. He boxed Mally Richardson. George looked very in control and even when mally was on the attack george tuck’t up and used good angles to stay in range. George Drop’t mally at the end of the 1st with a fast combination then in the 2nd george landed big with a left hook and Mally was out before he hit the ground..

Next there big man Dominic Negus, Dom showed his pure class and a was a different level on the tough scale to John Brown. John Did try to take the fight to Dom. Dom showed why he was a Pro champion when he finished  a combination with a pukka left hook to the body which would have drop’t any man.

The Sparta 300 gym is a great place to train and as you can see above they have great fighters, the gym is at

Chingford golf range

Waltham Way


E4 8AQ

contact Mick on 07854 475 658

or Dom on 07984 684 803

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